What Types of Advertising Can I Use for My Business?

When it comes to advertising in the digital days, you have a lot of options. Depending on your type of business, certain ads may work better than others. Also depending on your audience, certain ads may reach more people than others. Once these ads are placed, they can be monitored and then analyzed to see which ones did the best and areas in which they can be improved.

But what are those types of ads? Here are seven types of ads you can use to promote your business.

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Display Ads:

Display ads are ads that are visually appealing enough to get the user to click through to the designated landing page or take an action. These ads are typically are campaigns based on cost per click (CPC) routines. These types of ads are also referred to as banner ads, which you will see them commonly on websites. The good thing about these banner ads is that they reach a large and diverse range of people, with measurable results. Unfortunately, people can sometimes become numb to this type of ads and some people have technology that blocks these ads.

Video Ads: 

These ads are becoming more and more popular by the day. Just look at the ads you are being fed on places like YouTube, Tik Tok, or even as pop-up’s that you find on your daily webpage searches. Video ads can play on their own before another video plays or even in the middle of another video. Just look at Hulu and their commercials. These ads will lead viewers to another landing page where they need to take action. These ads tend to reach younger viewers, who are constantly on video-related apps like Tik Tok, Instagram, and Facebook.

Mobile Ads:

Mobile ads are also becoming more popular with everyone being on their phones. These ads can vary in a variety of ways, but each one is best suited to being used on mobile phones. One way would be the ever so popular push notifications… you sign up for an app or newsletter, you get an automatic notification about a sale. The click-to-call/message ads, work so that when you see something you like, it’s a one-two-step to contact the business right away. Then there are the click-to-download ads, where you could easily download the company’s app.

Native Ads:

Are no so much ‘in your face’ ads as they are almost subliminal. These types of ads are done by writing blogs, using excellent SEO, creating videos, and posting high-quality content on social media platforms.

Social Media Ads:

These are simply ads placed on social media. Now that Facebook and Instagram are one, it is easier to manage ads and analyze them after. They can be photo ads, video ads, carousel ads, product ads, the list goes on. Depending on what you are promoting, you can decide what ads would suit your business best. These types of ads reach a wide audience since almost everyone is on social media, but certain platforms may tend to skew younger.

Pay Per Click Ads:

Also known as PPC, this at its simplest is paid advertising. The business pays a fee each time the ad is clicked, in essence, buying visits to your site. There is nothing wrong with this and it a quite common practice. Businesses place a bid for an ad placement in a search engine’s sponsored links and then when someone searches that same keyword that is related. The hope for the PPC is the cost of the click for the business is minuscule compared to the profit they will make from that customer clicking and visiting the site.

Email Marketing Ads:

It’s important that your company have a newsletter so that the business has an email mailing list. This newsletter can not only be a source of good content for your consumers, but it could also be a great way to send your customers special promotions and deals. When you are part of a newsletter, one of the benefits is to get the special offers that the new, one-time customer may not receive.

As you can see, there are many, many different types of ads to choose from. As a business, you can try them all and see which one garners the best results for you. A/B testing is always a good option to see which ad did best and how to tweak it even further to make it do even better. When making ads, just make sure it is quality content, catchy yet informative, and is meeting the correct audience.

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