Key Members of a Marketing Team

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When it comes to a marketing, a lot of people, whether it be clients, business owners, employers or potential employees, not everyone knows how many critical roles there are in a marketing department. While it’s very helpful when every team member understands the basics of all job titles, it works even better when there is a solid person for each role.

Let’s look into some of these key roles you can find on a marketing team.


Marketing Manager

This position will oversee the overall performance of the team. They will work with other department heads to determine what needs to be marketed and how. They will be the ones to manage the other roles to make sure everything is on track, as well as manage the overall budget.



The copywriter is responsible for all written communication in all forms. This could be anything from print and digital ads to emails and press releases, social media copy, blogs and more. The copywriter can also be the content writer, basically being a wordsmith in all aspects of the department.



This one is on the obvious side, but a photographer would take all the photos needed for the business, the marketing department in particular. So, they’d take photos for emails, ads, the website, billboards, promotional pieces and more.



The designer of the group works on all thing’s graphics for the company. They create graphics for emails, ads, promotions and more. They are well versed in programs like Photoshop and InDesign. The designer should also be knowledgeable in HTML/CSS so that they can help work on the website.


Social Media Manager

This position can also be a specialist depending on size and expertise, but in any case, the social media manager handles the many social media platforms. They work on generating the content, responding to comments and messages, creating and monitoring ads, following trends and more.


Email Marketing Manager

This role will take on newsletters and whatever digital correspondence that goes out. They will be in charge of implementing a strategy for said emails, as well as working with other members of the team to make sure it is on goal with the rest of them.


Digital Marketing Manager

Similar to the marketing manager, the digital marketing manager will manage the digital aspect of marketing specifically. They will take the lead on how to market online, such as digital ads, emails and social media.


SEO Strategist

An SEO strategist will keep track of how the world of SEO is growing and changing every day. Their goal is to gain more exposure for the company through search engines online. Having an effective SEO strategist will actually help in a lot of other areas, including social media.



An analyst on the team is critical as you will never know what you are doing right or wrong without seeing the stats. An analyst can look at the analytics and find out what is working in your marketing strategy and what can improve. They can see which pages are doing well, which posts are hitting the right people, as well as who and where their audiences are.


Now, depending on the size of your business, some of these job titles may have to fall under one very talented person until you can afford a whole team of people. But despite the size, the right group of talented individuals can get the job done. If your team is already big enough to fill all these roles, good on ya! You may even have more roles not listed! Just make sure you have teamwork capabilities to help one another as all these areas need to work together to form the perfect machine.