4 Innovated Steps to Creating a Product or Service

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So, you want to get out on your own and start a business? Great, that’s the first step! Now, what’s the business going to be? To create not only a successful business but also one that you are proud of, you have to come up with an idea, product, or service that you are happy about. To get to that point, it’s helpful if you follow these four steps.



The first step is to collaborate. While it’s great when you come up with an idea on your own, it’s always good to be able to bounce your ideas off of others. This is where the first step of collaboration comes into play. Collaboration is the action of working with someone to produce or create something. So in this case, get with a friend, co-worker, family member, business partner, whoever, and work together to come up with ideas. Collaboration actually brings us to the next step…



Once you found someone to collaborate with, now you have to start coming up with ideas, which brings us to ideation. Ideation is the formation of ideas and concepts, so time to put on those thinking caps. Also considered brainstorming, use whatever method you can think of to get those creative juices flowing. Put ideas on a whiteboard, pull ideas out of hat, make it a game, play some music, whatever you can think of to bring out the best ideas.



Once you have found the idea/product/service you like the most, it’s time to get created, hence the next step of creation. Simply, creation is the action or process of bringing something into existence. This can be a prototype or a trial to see how it will come to life. After enough testing, focus groups, trial runs and small sales, you are ready to move into the next stage of implementation.



Implementation is the process of putting a plan into effect! So, you collaborated, you brainstormed, got your idea and tested it out, now you’re ready for the world to see. Put in place a set marketing to get your business out there. This can include making a website, having a newsletter, writing blogs, getting on social media and more.


We hope these four simple steps help you on your way to coming up with the perfect business for you and the success you hope to achieve!