4 Popular Social Media Management Tools

With the ever abundance of existing and growing social media platforms, it only makes sense that one would feel overwhelmed trying to manage one or two, let alone all of them. After all, some need daily postings, some multiple times a day postings, some need weekly postings and a whole bunch of other factors. So, how do you make this cumbersome task of social media management a little less hectic? Social media management platforms of course!

Social media management platforms are one of the most beneficial and underused tools in businesses today. Most businesses have multiple social media accounts… you know, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to name a few. It takes a lot of time each day to log in to each account at a certain time and craft a post, some of which are not feasible for every busy business or one with a small staff. But by having a social media management platform, it can basically do the work for you.

Here are four popular social media management tools:

Sprout is a great social media management tool that has many beneficial features. Sprout has an easy-to-use dashboard that allows you to operate across multiple social media networks, creating your perfect post and schedule the time and day it goes out. Once the platform learns your audience, it can even recommend the ideal times and days to post based on the information it has gathered. Plus, Sprout gives a hefty analytic reporting.

Hootsuite is another great social media management tool that takes top ranks in tracking tools and analytics. Not only that, but Hootsuite lets you analyze trends and engagement in the social sphere. With Hootsuite, you can also schedule messages, have a publishing calendar and all your social inboxes right in one place.

Buffer is a popular social media management platform because it is one of the less expensive plans. Buffer is a great platform to start out on for those smaller businesses with smaller budgets as you are still able to schedule posts, though not as many as the other platforms. Buffer also contains a link shortening tool, hashtag optimization and more.

Loomly is the social media management platform for larger teams because it has plans for teams of up to 26 people. Loomly like the rest allows for the usual schedule postings, but it also has audience targeting, analytics, interacting tracking and more. This plan can be pricey depending on how many paid ads you plan on doing.

The more you use social media management tools to your advantage, the more you can get done on social media and in turn, enhance your business. These management tools can do some of the more minuscule parts of social media for you so that you can focus more on the overall message of your brand and be able to schedule out posts and move on to the next task.