Boost Your Florida Business Online with Our Web Design Services

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In today’s digital world, having a great online presence is super important for any business. At Graphic Web Design, we’re a web design company in South Florida that offers a bunch of services to help your business shine online. We’re here to make things easy, secure, and creative for you! Safe Website Hosting and Updates: […]

Does My Website Really Need A Dot Com Domain

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With over 1,500 different domain extensions to choose from, when it comes to having a .com domain is it critical? Changing your domain from “.com” to “.net” or other domains seems the easy solution, but whether it is the right decision depends on your situation. Search engines prioritize “.com” and in general people search for […]

4 Reasons To Hire A Website Designer Versus Doing it Yourself

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When it comes to getting a website built in 2023 you might be tossing up whether you should hire a professional web designer or perhaps do it yourself. Most likely you have heard of website-building platforms such as GoDaddy, Wix, Square, or Weebly that require no coding knowledge required and use drag-and-drop functionality so you […]

7 Proven Website Design Tips For 2023

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When it comes to creating a website in 2023, there are countless options and decisions on what to include or exclude in your design. Should it be minimalist and simple? Or something more in-depth that provides a whole world of information for people to get lost in and will have them coming back for more. […]

9 Reasons Website Maintenance Is A Wise Investment

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When it comes to getting your website updated and looked after, there are many benefits for both your business and your customers. Whether it is experience or online safety, website maintenance ensures your website visitors’ digital experience is not only safer by loads fast, design is user-friendly, protects their sensative information and makes payments quick […]

Increase Sales in 2023 With These 4 Website Design Tips

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  Shopping habits among consumers have continued to increase online, taking over traditional retail market share and making it critical for businesses to succeed online if they are to survive in 2023. Online sales alone are expected to reach $6.51 trillion by 2023 (eMarketer & Statistica) with eCommerce website sales taking up 22.3% of the […]

What Are Website Maintenance Services?

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Websites are an investment that is created with a specific goal in mind. Sometimes it is just to create a web presence for our cafe, store, restaurant, bar, or brand. Sometimes it becomes our store and voice for our brand online to sell our products, and services, and build a community of loyal fans and […]

10 Reasons Updating Your Website Could Save Your Business

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      When it comes to websites you may think simply having one is enough. Maybe you built it yourself or worked with a website company a while back that built it for you. You have all the necessary information, selected a design you liked, and expected some big things… yet the web traffic […]

How Your Website Can Grow Your Business – Versus Costing it

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When it comes to turnover that matters, converting web traffic into sales or leads is where web design and user experience will make or break your online business.   “88% of users after a bad user experience are less likely to return to the site, let alone purchase from the business” (Toptal)   Professional web […]

12 Simple Ways to Increase Sales Using Smart Marketing

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As business owners and managers, we are constantly weighing costs versus gains and where to add or subtract in the business to increase sales and reduce costs.    One thing we know is how social media and marketing requirements and costs can get out of hand quickly. Ever felt like you have to become a […]