Why am I not on Google?

Having a fancy website that looks amazing isn’t worth a dime if you can’t get traffic to it, which is why most website owners are turning to marketing companies to increase their online exposure. With Google, Yahoo and Bing accounting for trillions of online searches a month, its no secret that search engine marketing is one of the most powerful ways to maximize your online exposure.

Building a search engine friendly website does not mean that you will show up on the top of the search engines. To have a strong position in the search results you need to perform many mundane processes which consist of content creation, syndication and promotion in various methods. The more competitive the industry is, the harder it will be to out rank the competition. For example if you own an industrial scale calibration company it will probably very much easier for you to show up for “industrial scale calibration” than it would for someone who owned an insurance agency that wanted to show up for “insurance company”. The reason is because all of your competitors are more than likely utilizing SEO as part of their marketing efforts or they may have hired an SEO company to do the job for them.

If done correctly, SEM can be used as a way to grow a business very quickly and can increase revenue substantially. Many huge marketing companies started off by simply ranking their websites for strategic keywords organically that brought them enough business to grow into a INC 5000 company, the power of search is truly unbelievable. Its no secret that search engine marketing services have become very popular and expensive because of the financial benefits that they yield.

Ecommerce SEO Company Pricing VS Standard SEO pricing.

Search engine marketing services can be quite expensive, especially if you want to show up for many search phrases. If you own a shopping site and you are looking for an eCommerce SEO company to get your product pages to show up for product names on the organic side of search, you could be looking at spending a pretty penny on search marketing services.  This is because each product page will require a set of processes to ensure that it stays above the competition in the search results. Pricing can vary depending on how aggressive you want to market, the important thing is to not get hung up on pricing but rather the quality of work you will be receiving. Professional marketing companies can integrate ROI tracking with Google Analytics so that you can see first what kind of profits your marketing campaigns are providing you with.


If you are just a local contractor looking to show up for a few dozen search phrases related to your industry you can probably get a good marketing company to do so for less than one thousand dollars per month to start off, but assuming that the results they deliver are profitable then it would only make sense to market more aggressively in the future. The goal of true marketing company is to provide more revenue and to increase the profitability of the marketing budget by analyzing the data and making educated decisions to increase the efficiency of your campaign. This is a service that that your friends here at Graphic Web Design, Inc. offers to our clients.