Drupal Website Development

Drupal is an excellent content management system. It allows you to develop custom workflow into your website and can handle anything you throw at it. Our Drupal developers get the comfort of knowing that whatever request you may have, we have most likely already developed a similar solution for it in the past. As an open source CMS, the Drupal community provides a lot of the initial work and security followup that goes with developing a Drupal website. Contact us today for a quote on your Drupal project.

The Drupal Project Life Cycle

We’re not a fan a surprises, and you shouldn’t be either! Our project cycle is unmatched in the industry. Vigorous planning, attention to detail, and real world software implementation experience is what sets us apart from the other guys. Some designers and developers tend to work the project backwards. This isn’t good for either party, and normally ends with an unfinished or abandoned project. Take a lot of time to think about exactly what you need, design some interfaces, and the questions and ideas will start to flow.

Steps to project success

  1. 1. Discovery Meeting and Introductions
  2. 2. Technical Specification Drafting
  3. 3. User Interface Design
  4. 4. API and Functionality Development
  5. 5. User Interface Development
  6. 6. Alpha / Closed Round Beta Testing
  7. 7. Production Server Staging / Production Release

Drupal Module Development

Many Drupal websites will link with custom APIs to accomplish a streamlined workflow for office and business administrators. We have developed custom ecommerce stock and price update APIs, Drupal to smartphone app APIs, custom bank credit card authorization APIs, and much more. Custom module development also allows the leveraging of the local Drupal codebase (called hooks) to add functionality for website users.

Along with developing custom Drupal modules, we have history with all the major Drupal modules and use them in all of our platforms.

Custom Drupal Theme Development

Google weighs heavily on page load times and structured data within the source code of a web page. We prefer to develop custom themes with rich meta data and a slim codebase for fast page loads. Our favorite themes are built from the ground up by us, HTML5 and W3C standards compliant, and structured to perfection. We also take into consideration the text to html ratio to give your content more power to Google Bot. There are over 200 signals that Google is looking for when it crawls your web page. So we put a lot into our builds.

Start with a theme kit, or start from scratch! There are pro and cons to everything, but some contributed themes are light weight and structured great! Just be careful quick switching a Drupal theme, as the semantic data and meta data of your page will almost surely change.

Our graphic designers even use Drupal! We have trained our UI design team to walk you through building out the initial interfaces for your project. This really helps get a lot of the questions answered up front and removes the grey areas that most web companies leave room for in project scopes just to close the deal when you are ready to buy.

Drupal 7 Application Development

Once you start adding features to your Drupal website, it becomes much more than just a website, it becomes an app! A web app! Drupal 7 application development is our passion here at Graphic Web Design, Inc. To date, we have staged and launched more than 100 Drupal web projects. Some even for internal research and development. This fact alone really separates us from your average web developer. You can take comfort in knowing that your custom project will turn out amazing, simply because of our passionate interest and involvement in the Drupal community.