Managed Website Hosting and Security Updates

All hosting and maintenance plans come with a minimum of one hour per month for design and development.  Any unused hours rollover into the following months and can be used for any service we offer! 

Our hosting plans include the following; an SSL certificate, a Send Grid license and API for ensuring your contact forms get to your email inbox, Cloudflare DNS caching, DDoS bot attack protection, daily offsite backups, server and website security updates, uptime/downtime monitoring to text message, and more! If you were to purchase these services separately the cost would be over $500/yr.

We provide managed hosting for WordPress, Drupal, and Magento websites. We'll keep your website core and plugins always up to date. It is more important than ever to keep your website up to date. In the event that your domain name is blacklisted, it can prevent your emails from being delivered.

Average load times on our network can be expected at less than one second. We prevent attacks on your website and email, therefore preventing business downtime that can cost you thousands. Since 2007, we have helped a large number of clients maintain #1 rankings in the search engines by providing performance tuned hosting, and CMS update support.

Hosting Setup Includes:


  • ✓ Security Update to Latest Versions
  • ✓ Overall Platform Quality Assurance
  • ✓ Email Deliverability Testing
  • ✓ Domain Reputation Analysis
  • ✓ Search Engine SEO Checkup
  • ✓ Security Audit
  • ✓ Multisite, Small Business, and 501(c)3 Discounts Available!

Managed hosting gives you the comfort of knowing your website is always up to date, and the network your platform lives in, is under daily security updates, persistent monitoring, packet filtering / inspection, and DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) prevention. With websites being hacked on a daily basis, letting your website go without security updates is a recipe for disaster (AKA data breach). All websites hosted by Graphic Web Design, Inc. are on a secure, dedicated, and VPS network.

WordPress, Drupal, and Magento security updates come out constantly. Don't hesitate!

Plans to scale up as your website becomes more popular!

As the attention to your website grows, your website will need more attention to keep running fast! Our managed hosting plans have four tiers based on the number of extensions, visitors per month, and the type of web framework the website is built on. Quality assurance and testing takes place every time an update is made, or a form is altered. It is our job to make sure your leads keep getting delivered. All plans come with a dedicated IP address. Each plan we offer has a direct relationship to the amount of hours required to maintain the security of your website, and the server it is on. Don't let your domain get flagged for abuse.

Class 1 - 600 Visitors or less per month, less than 5 plugins
Class 2 - 600-3000 Monthly Visitors, SSL Compatible, Ecommerce, less than 10 plugins
Class 3 - 3000-7500 Monthly Visitors, SSL Compatible, Ecommerce, less than 10-15 plugins
Class 4 - 7500+ Monthly Visitors, SSL Compatible, Ecommerce, less than twenty plugins

Having a managed hosting account with us means that your CMS will always be up to date.

WordPress Managed Hosting Costs

Average Optimized Disk Space - less than 600 MB

ClassVisitorsEcommerceSSL*PluginsDisk SpaceMonthly
Class 160051GB$60
Class 23000101GB$80
Class 37500152GB$160
Class 47500+203GB**$260

Drupal Managed Hosting Costs

Average Optimized Disk Space - 400MB

ClassVisitorsEcommerceSSL*PluginsDisk SpaceMonthly
Class 160051GB$60
Class 23000102GB$120
Class 37500153GB$240
Class 47500+205GB**$380

Magento Managed Hosting Costs

Average Optimized Disk Space - 1.5GB

ClassVisitorsEcommerceSSL*PluginsDisk SpaceMonthly
Class 160052GB$140
Class 23000103GB$220
Class 37500154GB$300
Class 47500+205GB**$430

*Valid SSL certificate required for installation.
**If you require additional disk space, please contact us. Your CMS and database may be inflated due to improper development. We can help!