SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Front End Performance Tuning

Site performance and loading times are highly scrutinized by search engines as they are constantly on a mission to provide a better,
faster, and friendlier experience for their users. Google Page Speed Insights is the benchmark report used by Google when determining
the User Experience (UX) scores (out of 100) for desktop and mobile devices. Technical items that play heavily into this rating are overall
site speed, image sizes, font types, placement and movement of design components, the loading order of scripts, third party scripts
(tracking scripts and live chat are major score deductions), and many more. The true Page Speed Insights score of a website is calculated
with a 30 day average, thus full performance tuning takes 2-3 months in order to get an accurate result. Having a score over 90/100 is
excellent, and a 100/100 is next to impossible. Our knowledge, experience, and process will bring your website to the brink of impossibility
within the limitations of your platforms design framework and feature set.

Monthly SEO Content Blog

Adding curated SEO content to your website regularly influences and boosts rankings. We write blogs focused around your products,
services, special events, marketing campaigns and geographic location(when required). This leverages the keywords and phrases that
are important to your business and brand. Google recommends a minimum of 300 words per article or blog. Pay per blog or include in the
Full Spectrum Advanced SEO package mentioned below.

Full Spectrum Advanced SEO

In addition to the above packages, Full Spectrum Advanced SEO further focuses on the technical aspects and tactics that influence your
organic ranking within search engines for targeted keywords and phrases. Our strategic focal points include onsite web development,
meta data keywords and descriptions, social media meta data, and keyword tracking. Four SEO content blogs are included monthly, and
more can be added for aggressive keyword SEO campaigns.

We highly recommend utilizing this package in unison with social media management and our other marketing campaigns. 3 month
commitment minimum.

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