What information do you need to build a website for my business?

In order for us to build you your dream website, we are going to need a little help on your end. We want to know so much about the business you’d think we started it together. This is everything from your name, company information, contact information, color schemes, and more. Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start or if it seems overwhelming, we are here to help you!


Domain name: You have the name of your business, but what do you want your web address (URL) to be? If your company name is long, you don’t always want your full name in your URL. Think of something informative, but short, so people can remember it easily and type it quickly and get to your site as fast as possible.

Hosting: Where do you want your site to live? Now, this may not always be the client’s choice, unless you have a particular hosting site you’d like to use. There are many out there and as experts in the field, we’d know the best one to suit your needs.


In order for your company to do well, as website designers, we need to know what your company is all about. Basically, we need a 411 on your company, that way most if not all questions regarding your company can be found on your website.

Business Name: This is an obvious one, how also can we make a website without knowing the name of your business?

Purpose and goals: Does your website promote a service? Do you want viewers to buy a product? Are you hoping that the viewers learn something? What do you hope comes from the website, whether it be the amount of traffic it gets, the number of clicks certain links receive, how many return visitors, or even something else?

Logo and colors: Every company should have a logo that makes their company more memorable. After all, think of all the logos you can remember without even seeing the name of the company. McDonald’s anyone? Plus, we need colors. Every company should have brand guidelines and these guidelines would include your color package and maybe even a font package.

About: Every website needs an ‘About’ page where you can easily get background information on a company. This can be anything you’d like the viewers to know from your company, basically, think about your who, what, where, when, why’s and how’s. This can also be the place to explain the hours of operation.

Products/Services: Depending on the goal of your website, it would be important to have what you are selling on your site. Whether that be a product or service, having information pages on those products and services would be key for your business doing well.

Contact Information: No matter the purpose of your website, it is critical that your viewers have a way of reaching out to the company owners. A contact information page allows your viewers to reach out to you with potential questions, concerns, or suggestions. All would promote better customer service, thereby making you a reliable business.

Other ideas: If it applies to your website, it may help to have testimonials/reviews about your product/services from real-life clients. It is also beneficial to have a FAQ page, where commonly ask questions can be answered upfront. It is also a good idea to have a privacy policy page and a terms and conditions page to protect you legally, as well as, a blog, news/press releases, and even an email sign up.

We know your company is your baby and this website is a part of that. We want to make this process seamless for you with our extensive knowledge and expertise. We are a top 3 searched web design and app development company and with a Google 4.9-star rating. Having designed over 250 websites, we know what we are doing and can’t wait to help you achieve your company goals. We are locally owned and operated in Palm Beach County and we are ready to help make your website dreams come true.

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