What do you look for in a website design company?

There are about 1.5 billion websites out on the internet today. Even if only 200 million of these sites are actually active, that’s still hundreds of millions of websites vying for your attention. So, the question is, what makes a good website? And better yet, what do you look for in a web design company to get the best site possible?


When you first see a website, the visual appeal is everything, especially at first glance. As we said before, there are millions upon millions of active websites fighting for your attention out on the interwebs and you need a website that stands out. So, when looking for a website design company, be sure you choose one that has created aesthetically pleasing designs. Choose one that knows who you are as a company and who you’d like to become.

The design of a website is critical to bring your website out of the early days of the internet and into modern times. In website design, this would be the area of expertise for a front-end developer. A website designer is (or has) a graphic designer and this designer has the creative abilities to create logos and other graphics to help convey to viewers exactly what your website is about and what you hope they do next. The front-end developer takes what the graphic designer has given them, plus their own technical and creative skills to implement a layout, colors, fonts/copy, graphics, and photos using unique codes to make your website come to life.


Your site can look amazing, but that doesn’t always guarantee people will see it. It is important to find a website design company that not only has the creative juices you are looking for, but also the brains to back it up. You need a company that is familiar with the use of keywords, meta tags, knows how to get on Google, and knows how to make your site mobile friendly.


Once a website looks good, runs correctly, and can be found easily through search, the work of a website designer doesn’t have to end there. The best website design companies market your website, bringing in viewers that would not have seen your website otherwise. In today’s world, there are multiple routes when it comes to marketing and your website designer should know them all.

With the help of the way a website looks and its back-end help, the marketing should help the website complete its 360 job of bringing viewers in, having them stay, and then have them accomplish the website’s goal. This goal can be anything from making a purchase, to starting a service or even just acquiring knowledge.


You know the age-old saying, ‘you get what you pay for’? Well, that phrase also comes into play when it comes to designing websites. Cheaper doesn’t always mean better, especially when you are looking for a long-term investment of your company in the form of your website. Web designers who seem too good to be true based on their prices, tend to be not so good.

Lower-priced web designers tend to be newbies, who aren’t confident in their skills or don’t have enough solid experiences with a full portfolio. Lower priced designers can cut corners when it comes to design, copy, marketing, or in the technical back end. If you truly believe in your business and want a website that shows just that, it’s better to turn to a website design company that has a robust resume.

But just because you want a company that knows what they are doing, doesn’t mean it should cost you a kidney and your first-born child. There is a happy medium between the two!


We know how to make your website look great from all aspects. Everything from what you see on the site, to what is going on behind the scenes, with the experience to back it up. What’s even better is that we are a company you can trust. As a top 3 searched web design and app development company and with a 4.9-star rating on the beloved Google, we have designed websites for over 250 happy clients. As much as we believe in a job well done, we believe in keeping things local. We do not outsource any work overseas, having all are working designed and developed in sunny Palm Beach County.