6 Ways to Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate

One of the main reasons anyone creates a business (aka a website) is to make money. The way to make money online is by turning those website clicks into dollars. The money doesn’t necessarily start rolling in once you hit publish, but there are a few ways to help make the process of making money and gaining brand recognition, easier. Here are seven ways to start upping your website's conversion rates.

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Make it easy for the visitor. 

As the owner of the business (and the website), you want your website looking it's absolute best. However, just because the website is designed the way you like, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the most user friendly. It’s important to find that sweet spot between a site looking pretty, but also being easy-to-use. To make it easier for your visitors, keep it simple, even if that means making it a one column site. Don’t overwhelm!

Also useful are customer service chats, optional input fields for questionnaires, and including contact information for both your business email and phone.

Make sure your ‘Call to Action’, brings action!

Your calls to action (CTA’s) are going to be the last thing your visitors see before they decide what to do next. They will either move further into your site or hit the dreaded close button. By making your CTA’s attention-grabbing, while also coherent, your visitors are more likely to go that extra step and click. After all, “Shop This Summer’s Hottest Looks” will yield better results than just “Shop Now”.

Include reviews and testimonials

What better way to show viewers that your product/service really works than by showing examples? Testimonials and reviews from first-hand customer experience will not only build your brand authenticity, but it will show new customers whether or not your product/service does as you suggest. With these reviews and testimonials, you build trust with your audience.

Keep your look top-notch.

Although it is important to keep your site user-friendly, it doesn’t mean your site can’t look good. Make sure any images you have are of high quality and look professional. A grainy image with a finger in front of the lens won’t bode well for your authenticity. Also, colors are far more important than they may seem. For example, there is a reason why Facebook is blue. It is because blue is considered to be calming, and allowing people to stay on the site for a longer period of time. Meanwhile, most sales are done in red, implying a sense of urgency.

Offer free trials and discounts.

Who doesn’t like things for free? When companies offer free trials, it shows that the company is confident enough in their product/service, that they want to give it away for free, knowing that you will stick around once the trial is over. Discounts will keep customers coming back, especially when the discount is on their next purchase.

Test it out!

Not everything works the first time, despite how perfect we think we are in our own minds. Just like your first idea for your business has changed over time, the first headline you think of isn’t always the best. It’s important to A/B test different parts of your website, including (but not limited to) headlines, CTA’s, pop-ups, and even design.

All in all, there are many ways to increase the conversation rate to your business. Some work better than others for different people and is it important that you and/or your web designers find the one that matches your business best.