How Can Increase Organic Traffic to my Site?

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When you have a business, it doesn’t always mean you have the capital to be putting out paid advertisements on a variety of difficult platforms. But don’t think it’s all doom and gloom if you can’t afford a banner ad, a Facebook campaign, or even a print ad. There are different ways to get organic traffic to your website, aka you can get free traffic to your site. How do you ask? Three little letters… SEO.

Here are a few tips to increase your organic website traffic:

Use keywords

There a lot of different tools out there to help you discover which keywords work best for your company by discovering what words people are searching for.

Continuously blog!

A blog is a perfect way to get information to your customers and enhance your website’s SEO. Blogs drive traffic to your site by using SEO tools such as keywords and backlinks. Plus, it allows your audiences to look forward to your next posing. You can even ask influential people in your field to guest blog on your site.

Remember your analytics

Use different analytical platforms, such as Google Analytics, to track your traffic. You will be able to see what customers do and don’t like and can adjust your website and content accordingly. Basically, you can increase your traffic by giving the people (your customers), what they want.

Creative quality content

Just because your keywords are on point, that doesn’t always mean automatic traffic. Your page has to look high-quality so that people stay on your site once they get there. If a viewer gets to your page and doesn’t like what they see, whether it’s because it is lacking well-produced content, photos, copy, or if it looks old, then they will drop off. When people drop off that can negatively affect your ranking.

Get on social media

Not only do you need to share your content on different social media platforms, but you also need to be active on social media in general. Make sure you are active in different ways in your designated community, whether if it’s by joining discussions, using hashtags, and/or by interacting with others in your field.

Now, this the basis of these topics. We can delve so much deeper into each and every one of these topics and then some. Increasing organic traffic to your website isn’t magic, it just takes some hard work and consistency.

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