7 Simple Ways to Increase Holiday Sales in 2022

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It is now mid-December. Whether you are already deep into your holiday marketing campaign or coming here to figure out tips on where to begin, you are in the right place. The holidays are critical times for both families and businesses. New families are celebrating their first Christmas together while old families will be reunited […]

5 Common Marketing Mistakes

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Marketing is something every business needs but is something not every business knows how to do. Marketing isn’t simple and requires thought, consideration and a real plan. While you are getting your business in play and therefore your marketing plan, there are some common mistakes businesses make that we don’t want you doing.

What is Branding?

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When being in the world of marketing, you are going to hear a lot of terms and phrases you may and may not know about. Some of these terms can sound scary… they may not make any sense… but we are here to help you.

The 6 Best Graphic Design Programs

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Graphic design is a key factor in what can separate a good business from an amazing business. While graphic design is a career path many people go to school for, it’s still possible to pick some skills up on your own for your own business. There are platforms for graphic design that are for experts, […]

The Importance of Video in 2021

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Did video really kill the radio star? Well, maybe that’s just a catchy song lyric, but it’s looking like video may slowly be killing other forms of marketing in 2021 and moving forward. Worldwide, video now is considered the type of content with the best ROI according to 51% of marketing professionals. There are many […]

4 Innovated Steps to Creating a Product or Service

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So, you want to get out on your own and start a business? Great, that’s the first step! Now, what’s the business going to be? To create not only a successful business but also one that you are proud of, you have to come up with an idea, product, or service that you are happy […]

Clever Ways to Market Your Business

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If your business has hit a sudden lag, or if you need a get a better handle on your paid advertising budgets, then it’s time to get a little clever and find new ways to market your business. Not all marketing plans require a big budget. You go back to grassroots marketing and do it […]

Key Members of a Marketing Team

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When it comes to a marketing, a lot of people, whether it be clients, business owners, employers or potential employees, not everyone knows how many critical roles there are in a marketing department. While it’s very helpful when every team member understands the basics of all job titles, it works even better when there is […]